May 31st, 2013

My Book - Scrum Mastery - is OUT NOW

Scrum Mastery book OUT NOW


I am excited to say that my first book Scrum Mastery: From Good to Great Servant-Leadership has been released. In over ten years of working with numerous teams and organisations I have identified the patterns that separate good ScrumMasters and great ScrumMasters. This book illustrates these patterns through stories of my own experience and those of the many Scrum teams I have worked with and also offers practical guidance to you on your own path to greatness. 

You can order the book on or on the various European versions of Amazon. It is also available on and the Amazon Createspace eStore

Comments on the book

Mike Cohn, in his foreword for the book, said:

"Most books rehash well-trod territory and I don’t finish them any wiser. I am positive I will be referring back to this book for many years" 

Roman Pichler said:

"I am thoroughly impressed with how comprehensive and well-written the book is. It will be indispensable for many people"





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Cherie Silas - April 14th

This is the best book I have ever read for Scrum Masters! I am recommending it to as many of the people I coach as I can convince to read this.

Thank you so much for this valuable resource! I love it! You say all the right things that Scrum Masters need to hear to fully understand their role. You clearly lay out how to get a "good" Scrum Master and what defines "greatness".


Geoff Watts - April 30th

Hi Cherie

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know your thoughts on the book. I'm really glad that you found it valuable and I appreciate you recommending it to people!

Take care


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