Become a Licensed Guide

October 3, 2023
Become a Licensed Guide

I have lost count of the number of people who have asked to incorporate my work into their workshops and training courses. This is, of course, flattering and I have been thinking of a way of increasing the reach of my work without me being the bottleneck and I am very excited to be launching...

The Agile Mastery Institute

I am in the process of turning my Agile Mastery classes into licensable versions that other trainers can teach, either in a public setting or in-house within their organisations. The first course I will be making available is Scrum Mastery and I am currently inviting interested trainers to register their interest so drop me an email and let me know you're keen.

Become a Licensed Guide of Scrum Mastery

I will personally train up a small cohort of experienced and passionate agile people in my course curriculum and provide them with proven course content, class exercises and handouts plus discounted books and products to provide to their students who, when successful will receive official recognition as having attended an in-depth, practical, 6-month program developing their Scrum Mastery skills.

If you believe you have:

● 3+ years experience of running outstanding agile workshops

● A philosophical leaning towards the concept of servant-leadership

● The passion to help nurture future great ScrumMasters

Then get in touch and register your interest.

What is The Process?

You will work with me to verify your training experience and attend a Scrum Mastery class yourself. There will be a live assessment of your training ability and an ongoing commitment to inspecting and adapting.

I will launch one cohort of licensees at a time who will support each other under my guidance as they grow themselves and the wider community of great Scrum Masters.

What Is Involved In The Program?

This is not just a case of turning up for two-days and learning the details of the Scrum Guide. The Scrum Mastery Pathway program focuses on the specific hard and soft skills to become a great Scrum Master. The program consists of two workshops of two-days each separated by six-months of practice, supervision and guided reflection in learning cohorts.

Explorer - Workshop One

The first two-day workshop will cover every aspect of Geoff's RE-TRAINED characteristics in an adult-learning format involving knowledge transfer and practical application and reflection.

Note: Attendees will already have a working knowledge of the Scrum framework before attending the first workshop.

Navigator - Practice and Reflect

After the 'Explorer' workshop, students will apply their learning during a six-month period of practice coupled with group and 1-2-1 supervision and guided reflection.

Adventurer - Workshop Two

The second two-day workshop will again cover every aspect of RE-TRAINED but to an even deeper level, building on their experiences during the 'Navigator' phase.

Other Pathways

I also offer Pathways in Product Mastery, Team Mastery, Coaching Mastery and Agile Leadership. If you would like more information on those check out Agile Mastery Institute.


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