New Licensed Agile Mastery Pathway Guides Announced

May 6, 2023
New Licensed Agile Mastery Pathway Guides Announced

I recently ran my first Train The Trainer event for my Agile Mastery Institute - Scrum Mastery Pathway™️ program. This involved a whole week of intense teaching, collaborating and feedback for myself and nine experienced, passionate agile professionals. At the end of an exhausting and incredibly rewarding week, all nine had reached the standard to qualify as the first batch of Licensed Agile Mastery Pathway Guides.

These people will now be able to run their own Agile Mastery Institute - Scrum Mastery Pathway™️ classes so keep your eye out for dates in your area/time zone.

The Guides are:

Anshul Kapoor

Anshul has spent a large part of his career being part of agile teams, or helping agile teams & organizations in their journey towards embracing agility. He is a curious learner, and is passionate about building happier and high performing teams. He values growth, empathy and respect for people. He is inspired to make an impact in organizational cultures and raise the bar for Scrum education through the Scrum Mastery Pathway. He is currently based out of Singapore.

Ceri Newton-Sargunar

Ceri Newton-Sargunar is an agile behavioural coach and "interactions archaeologist" based in Bristol, UK. With a background in linguistics and law and a focus on team dynamics, she helps teams dig down and see what's underneath, to better understand how we think and respond to others.

Deidré Luzmore

Deidré is an entrepreneur and agile coach with many years experience helping teams and organisations develop and grow. Hailing from South Africa and based in the UK, Deidré's mixture of compassion and insight make her a perfect partner for organisations looking to develop their culture of servant-leadership through the Scrum Mastery Pathway.

Francesco Bianchi

Francesco is a committed life long learner who believes that the world of work should be fun. He loves to bring people together in communities. He has recently discovered to be a Visual Thinker. He chose to join the Scrum Mastery Pathway team as that offered him a place where to blend these 4 passions into a single proposition: learning together through multi-sensorial & fun learning experiences.

Lloyd Katz

Lloyd comes from South Africa and is now based in Bath, England. His passion, empathy, and energy are contagious and he has been helping teams and organisations for many years in different roles.

Martin Lambert

Martin is based in Kendal, UK and his knowledgeable, personable style has helped him become a respected servant-leader across industries and geographies. Now keen to help grow the future of Scrum Mastery.

Dr. Mehmood Hasan

Mehmood is an organisational change leader, based in Switzerland, with expertise in coaching, mentoring and training product development teams and the wider organisation. Mehmood has long been passionate about nurturing leadership talent throughout the organisation sees the Scrum Mastery Pathway is an important step in that direction.

Robin Hackshall

Robin is an experienced Agile Coach and Scrum Master. He has worked with a variety of organisations across multiple sectors through the visualisation and continuous improvement of team and organisational processes. Robin looks to put the ‘fun’ into addressing and removing 'dys-fun-ctions' through the use of creative tools, techniques, analogies and a more than occasional use of LEGO. Robin is passionate about supporting individuals, teams and organisations on their agile journey and is now supporting the growth of Scrum Masters through the Scrum Mastery Pathway.

Rohit Gautam

Rohit has over 15 years of experience working in agile teams and his passion is to support others in their learning journey. Rohit believes learning is constant and that this training program is different to any he has seen before as it is focused on Scrum Master’s behaviours rather than a framework. 


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