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Certified ORGANIC Leadership®

I co-created the ORGANIC Leadership® model to help develop organisational and personal resilience for those operating in complex and fast-changing environments. Whether you are embarking on a digital transformation, looking to increase your business agility or simply looking for some personal development, certified training and coaching in ORGANIC Leadership® will enable you to make sense of an uncertain business world.

ORGANIC agility® is built on a solid basis of scientific theory and empirical evidence coupled with customised, personalised training and coaching. Working together, I will guide you through practical application of the theory to your context and provide you with the tools, structures and methods to support your growth.

My Certified ORGANIC Leadership® course will expand your portfolio of leadership styles and enhance your awareness of when to flex your style appropriately.

As well as your own personal leadership growth, we will explore how to spread leadership as a capability throughout your organisation rather than it simply being a role occupied by specific individuals.

ORGANIC Leadership® is underpinned by:

Certified Agile Leadership®
Systems Thinking
SenseMaker® Technology
Cynefin Framework

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“Geoff's training was spot-on. His interactions with the Board were respectful and challenging, and he covered lots of ground whilst adapting to the emerging conversations and context, delivering a highly personalised and engaging day with its fair share of Eureka moments.”
Clare Tunstall

Coach, Cambridge University Press

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What is the ORGANIC agility® framework?

ORGANIC agility® is an evolutionary approach to organisational agility and resilience that has been developed by working with hundreds of companies around the world. The three pillars of ORGANIC agility® are:

  1. A capability-based leadership model that supports leadership growth as a capability, rather than only seeing it as a personal responsibility of Leaders. This is an important distinction, because growing the capability of leadership within an organisation requires building it into the organisational structure and culture.
  2. A set of tools, both analogue and digital, to help companies attain and improve their organisational resilience.
  3. A scaffolding for organisations to evolve to continuously improve through five key principles.

Those 5 principles are:

  1. Increase Cultural Awareness and Coherence: Understand your organisational culture and how to create coherence based on shared principles without losing diversity
  2. Situational Decision Making: Create a common and transparent framework for decision-making processes that adapts to each specific context
  3. Focus on Value Creation: Find out what your customers actually need and how to get it to them
  4. Validating Changes in Small Increments: Acknowledge your strengths and base your strategy on validated experiments to safely move towards your goals
  5. Optimize Flow: Remove the costs of excessive coordination by distributing control

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