1-2-1 Leadership Coaching

Partner with me to enhance your leadership impact
and increase your levels of self-mastery

I am trusted and accredited by the World's leading bodies in agile and coaching.

Benefits to you

Personalised professional development

1-2-1 coaching is the most bespoke, tailored form of personal and professional development. You are not one person of many in a classroom. We will work together on a 1-2-1 basis to help you understand and then tackle your specific challenges.

Within a contract of professional confidentiality, we will work together to develop your self-awareness and expand your impact whilst redefining your professional relationships. I will help you find your own unique path through guided reflection. Together our work will generate insights to enable greater personal and professional progress and effectiveness.

I am a qualified, experienced and trusted leadership coach who regularly practices coaching supervision to ensure I am relevant and continuing to grow myself.

The first thing we will do is identify a medium-term goal to work towards and a cadence to work to. Every one to four weeks we will meet to work through specific tactical challenges while working towards your strategic agile leadership goals and those of your organisation.

My clients' goals are wide-ranging and include:
> Developing an executive presence
> Positioning themselves for a new role
> Settling in to a new position
> Tackling impostor syndrome or people pleasing traits,
> Setting up a new business
> Enhancing personal fulfilment

My work with you is completely confidential; bound by the codes of ethics of the following professional bodies:

International Coaching Federation
National Council of Psychotherapists
Association of Business Psychology
Trusted Coach Directory
“I benefited from 1-2-1 sessions with Geoff and the impact was immediate. Geoff's personable easy nature enabled me to open up about the most challenging aspects of work-life. ”
Harvey Parker

Art Director, Natural Motion

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Direct Line Group

Case Study

Working with the leadership team at Direct Line Group, the UK’s leading direct car insurer, I coached the leadership team as they transitioned their culture to one based around the principles of servant-leadership and empowerment. Through a bespoke combination of workshops, team coaching and 1-2-1 leadership coaching we helped spread leadership and empowerment throughout the organisation.

"Geoff has an innate ability to draw out your strengths in his gentle and non-intrusive way which makes coaching with him a great experience. My sincere thanks to Geoff, I know he will always be my guide in times of need. I highly recommend him.
Geetha Ramachandran ACC

Executive & Leadership Transformation Coach

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