I'm Geoff Watts and I'm the UK's leading ORGANIC leadership coach.

I help people go from good to great through a combination of teaching, coaching and mentoring. I support the growth of ORGANIC Leadership and a self-managing and resilient culture within an organisation. I work with leadership teams and their people to promote a contextual approach to leadership as a capability throughout the organisation in order to enable great effectiveness and agility.

Trusted and accredited by the World's leading bodies in agile and coaching

Geoff consulting
Geoff Watts Teaching Scrum
Who I am…

I've written the books and the courses

There is a good chance that you will have come across one of my best-selling books Scrum Mastery, Product Mastery, Team Mastery or The Coach's Casebook. The fact that these have inspired so many people and are recommended widely is a huge source of pride for me and is the basis for my work with people.
I have been at the forefront of transforming the world of work for over 20 years and run workshops, team coaching and 1-2-1 coaching to help people in their ever constant need to evolve their personal and organisational leadership.
I also co-created the ORGANIC Leadership model to help leaders adapt their leadership approach to the context of their situation and create greater autonomy within the organisation to cope with - and thrive in - complexity.

Most leaders realise that the days of consistently telling people what to do and how to do it are long gone. While there is still a need to be directive from time to time, leaders need to be multi-dimensional and able to adapt their leadership to the needs of those they are leading and the context.

The most common reason for people leaving their organisation or psychologically 'checking out' is incoherent leadership and the corporate culture. ORGANIC Leadership helps you avoid motivational debt and engage your talent to reach their potential.

“No powerpoint slides in sight. Geoff teaches through a subtle mix of anecdotally-explained theory and experience. He meets every individual where they are and is in it for the long-term, not just the days in the classroom.”
Ian Harrison
Ian Harrison

Agile Centre of Expertise Lead
Direct Line Group

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How I do it…

My evolutionary approach

We will work as a team. You, me and your people. We will harness your current strengths and complement them with the tools and skills you need to create your own path of continuous improvement and your own coherent form of organisational agility.

We will use tools including the Organisational Scan to create an explicit visualisation of the current culture of your organisation and understand the current level of resilience, autonomy and leadership effectiveness. You will see the cultural changes in real-time based on the decisions and changes that you make.

Play me…

Watch a video explaining the Organisational Scan

For bespoke certified training to understand the theory of agile leadership and see how this theory applies to your organisational context, then plot a journey for evolutionary change, get in touch.

Certified training
Agile leadership
Evolution not revolution
“Geoff’s training was spot-on. His interactions with the board were respectful and challenging, and he covered lots of ground whilst adapting to the emerging conversations and context, delivering a highly personalised and engaging day with its fair share of Eureka moments. ”
Clare Tunstall
Clare Tunstall

Cambridge University Press

“This experience with Geoff has been among the best learning experiences I have had. He has dramatically moved the bar higher on my expectations of my behaviours to create a truly agile environment and, importantly, made me want to rise above that bar.”
Andy Broadfield

Director of Partnerships and PCWs, Direct Line Group

"Geoff has an innate ability to draw out your strengths in his gentle and non-intrusive way which makes coaching with him a great experience. My sincere thanks to Geoff, I know he will always be my guide in times of need. I highly recommend him.

Geetha Ramachandran ACC
Executive & Leadership Transformation Coach

“Geoff's training was spot-on. His interactions with the Board were respectful and challenging, and he covered lots of ground whilst adapting to the emerging conversations and context, delivering a highly personalised and engaging day with its fair share of Eureka moments.”

Clare Tunstall
Coach, Cambridge University Press

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