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Clarify and communicate your value, enhance your impact and gain the recognition you deserve.

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Geoff Watts teaching agility to a class of students
What it is…

Amplify Impact

Are you a skilled Scrum Master, Coach or other professional struggling to showcase your value within your organisation?

Or are you in between jobs, eager to communicate your unique strengths to potential employers?

Do you struggle to get across your personal value proposition?

Our Amplify Your Impact workshop is designed for people like you. In this one day workshop, you'll learn how to effectively articulate your contributions, enhance your professional impact, and confidently influence stakeholders.

Perfect for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and change agents aiming to make a lasting difference.

I knew that what we were doing was valuable but we didn't have a good way to communicate this to others. This workshop helped us transform the perceived value of our role within the organisation as well as giving us new skills to add more value ourselves.
A headshot of Kris Drudge
Kris Drudge

Head of Agile Community of Practice
Kingfisher Group

Geoff Watts teaching a workshop on agile skills
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Why You Need This

Clarify your value proposition:
If you aren't clear with yourself what value you add, how can you expect others to see it?

Own your impact: Many people in helping or enabling roles naturally downplay their part in the outcome. This doesn't help anyone.

Communicate with confidence: Your message needs to be crafted and communicated to land with your audience for them to appreciate you.

Enhance your influence: The skills you learn will expand the boundaries of your impact making you and your role even more valuable.

What You Will Learn

By attending the Amplify Your Impact workshop, you will learn how to clearly articulate your unique value and contributions, making it easier for others to recognise and appreciate your impact.

You will also develop the art of storytelling to effectively communicate your successes and ideas and you'll develop influencing strategies to drive meaningful change.

This workshop is designed to provide you with the tools and confidence you need to elevate your professional presence and achieve the recognition you deserve.

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Clarify your value-add
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Articulate your impact
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Communicate effectively
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Influence ethically
Geoff Watts explaining a concept to a small group outside
Geoff Watts in a white shirt close up
“Geoff delivers an excellent workshop that never fails to add tremendous value and it's all built on decades of practical experience. ”
Gareth Thomas headshot
Gareth Thomas

Technology Leader

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