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The Agile Pubcast Patreon Wall

A list of all the paid-up subscribers, supporters, regulars and legends who contribute to the running of The Agile Pubcast

What type of products should use Scrum?

Is Scrum applicable to every product? Geoff Watts explains when Scrum is appropriate and when it isn't.

New Licensed Agile Mastery Pathway Trainers Announced

The first Licensed Agile Mastery Pathway™️ cohort have successfully completed their Train The Trainer program

Agile Doesn't Work!

To be agile, or not to be agile...that is the question! While I am a strong advocate of an agile approach, there are also times when the context or project is not suited to agile.

20 Polite Ways To Say "No"

From speaking to many people, it seems that saying "no" is very hard for a lot of us. How can you say no without ruining a relationship?

Simplicity in an Ever Increasingly Complicated World

Slides from Geoff's keynote talk at SUGSA Regional Scrum Gathering in Cape Town May 2021 on the topic of Simplicity

Become a Licensed Trainer

Register your interest in becoming a licensed trainer of the Agile Mastery Institute and teach Geoff's courses.

Face to Face is Back!

If you're fed up of Zoom & Teams calls then rejoice because now you can get back to learning and chatting to real 3D human beings again!

Ten Easy Ways to Make Your Agile Retrospectives Fun Again!

Re-energise your retrospectives! From changing the location, to introducing some play, to encouraging healthy conflict, these ten tips are easy to action and will bring some fun back into your retrosp

Great ScrumMasters Help Teams SWAT Their Actions

Do you find your team don't follow through on their improvement ideas? Maybe you should help them SWAT their actions

What is the ORGANIC agility® framework?

ORGANIC agility is an evolutionary approach to organisational agility and resilience that has been developed by working with hundreds of companies around the world.

How To Use Coaching In An Agile Team

Create a more self-organising, resilient and pro-active culture in your team or organisation with a coaching approach

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