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What Is Agile Leadership?

I talk about agile leadership a lot but what do I mean by the term? Funnily enough it's more to do with the original definition of the word agile - with a small 'a' rather than agile with a capital 'A

Perfection as a Product Owner

Have you ever been told you're a perfectionist? Is that really common for Product Owners? Is perfection even possible?

A Coach Should Be Compassionately Ruthless

Should a coach push you past your assumed limitations or should they accept you for what you are? Or both?

Blamestorming - Who's Accountable In Scrum?

One of the things about Scrum that many organisations find uncomfortable is the concept of accountability. Who do we hold accountable for this piece of work if things don't go well?

To Lead Is To Accept and Improve

How do we reconcile two positive but conflicting messages about being perfect just as we are but also fulfilling our unlimited potential?

Beware of the White Knight

A ScrumMaster is a servant-leader and their responsibilities include ensuring the team is able to do what they need to do. They facilitate the Scrum process and also the team.

What is the Organisational Scan™?

In order to discover the culture and processes that can lead you to becoming a more resilient organization, you need to start from an understanding of where you are right now.

Impostor Syndrome: You're Not The Only One

"Everyone else is better than me. I'm not as good as people think I am and I'm going to get found out" Do you ever feel like you're so close to being found out as an impostor? You're not the only one.

Asking Permission vs. Inflicting Help

One of the most insightful people I know - Esther Derby - introduced a phrase to me a while ago that really resonated with me - "Inflicting help".

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