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Eee Bah Gum...How Important Is Culture?

Does where you are from and your upbringing determine your behaviours in the workplace? Absolutely but I don't believe the hype around culture.

Asking Permission vs. Inflicting Help

One of the most insightful people I know - Esther Derby - introduced a phrase to me a while ago that really resonated with me - "Inflicting help".

The Value of Pair-Coaching… What's in It for You?

What is the concept of pair coaching and why might you consider coaching as part of a pair rather than on your own?

20 Polite Ways To Say "No"

From speaking to many people, it seems that saying "no" is very hard for a lot of us. How can you say no without ruining a relationship?

What is the ORGANIC agility® framework?

ORGANIC agility is an evolutionary approach to organisational agility and resilience that has been developed by working with hundreds of companies around the world.

Scrum Master - Should They Be Technical Or Not?

One topic that often comes up is whether the Scrum Master should possess knowledge of the technical nature of the work that the development team is doing.

Become a Licensed Guide

Register your interest in becoming a licensed trainer of the Agile Mastery Institute and teach Geoff's courses.

Impostor Syndrome: You're Not The Only One

"Everyone else is better than me. I'm not as good as people think I am and I'm going to get found out" Do you ever feel like you're so close to being found out as an impostor? You're not the only one.

What Is Agile Leadership?

I talk about agile leadership a lot but what do I mean by the term? Funnily enough it's more to do with the original definition of the word agile - with a small 'a' rather than agile with a capital 'A

Perfection as a Product Owner

Have you ever been told you're a perfectionist? Is that really common for Product Owners? Is perfection even possible?

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